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COVID-19 Crisis: Make Sure Your Restaurant Has Online Ordering

Mar 18, 2020

If you use Toast (the popular point-of-sale system) and have NOT yet initiated online ordering, now is the time to do so. States are shuttering dining rooms in restaurants and bars to fight COVID-19, leaving takeout and delivery as the only options for customers. If your customers can’t order meals for pickup or delivery online on your website, your business is in trouble.

The good news: Toast is waiving online ordering fees to restaurants using its POS for the first month of usage. There is no direct cost to you. Even better, RTS Partner Alex Birnbaum can install Toast’s online ordering system on your site in about two hours.

All Alex needs is access to your Toast administrative portal and to photos (of menu items, restaurant interior, etc.). He will also need 30 minutes of your time to confirm specifics of your systems.

Alex says he’s willing to negotiate a price for his time (to be paid at a later date) given current circumstances. Call 888-812-2150 to reach Alex.

So you end up with a portal for delivery and/or take out; a setup guide for the restaurants; and a revenue channel that has not been restricted in most areas.

Oh, and customers who crave your food who can finally order it online.





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