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How to Rebuild the Restaurant Industry

Jan 31, 2021

Fred LeFranc dubs the pandemic “a balance sheet battle.”  That’s because, he says, if a restaurant company has cash it is going to be okay. If it doesn’t, it’s in trouble. In this hour-long virtual panel [VIDEO], produced  last week at UCLA’s  Restaurant Executive Conference, Fred and Partners Jessica Kates and James McGehee explain what restaurant operators and investors can do to improve systems and survive financially for another year. Here’s a partial list of topics these experts cover during the panel.

2:15 – Meet Fred LeFranc

5:34 – Meet Jessica Kates

6:59 – Meet James McGehee

11:15 – Burn rates

16:30 – Digital ordering/delivery

25:19 – Real estate negotiation

32:30 – Portability; new occupancy models

36:00 – Attracting capital providers

39:50 – Raising prices

52:30 –  Balance sheet debt; bankruptcy


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