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RTS’s Christopher Sebes on multichannel operations panel at FOD Conference

[caption id="attachment_2096" align="alignnone" width="300"] Christopher Sebes[/caption] Yesterday, RTS Partner Christopher Sebes shared strategies for easing

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Fred LeFranc leads Monetizing Brand Loyalty panel

Fred LeFranc, a frequent speaker on technology matters, was in Las Vegas this week to

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Menu Survival Lesson: Managing the supply chain

RTS Partner and chef Becky Foulk offers ways to survive supply chain shortages, especially as

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Key Steps to Profitable Menus

RTS Partner Chef Becky Foulk says the pandemic has taught us now is the time

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Preparing for the Rush: Five Crucial Steps

RTS Partner Len Ghilani's  five-step plan creates pride in the presentation of your restaurant to

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COVID-19 Broke the Economic Model: Technology Can Fix It

As the country emerges from Covid-19 hibernation, many restaurant operators are discovering that reopening the

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Higher prices on the menu for 2021

RTS Partner Mike Lukianoff argues it's time to reshape the economics of a historically unprofitable

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Large Restaurant Chain

How to Rebuild the Restaurant Industry

Fred LeFranc dubs the pandemic "a balance sheet battle."  That's because, he says, if a

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Q&A: Fred LeFranc Explains His New CEO Position

This month, RTS co-founder and Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc became Chief Executive Officer of a

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Surviving the Pandemic: Critical issues you need to know

As part of our "Surviving the Pandemic" series, Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc and labor-and-employment  attorney

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Engagement: What are your customers telling you?

Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc leads an informative panel of experts who share their strategies on

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Leadership Strategy during the Pandemic

Chaos Strategist and RTS co-Founder Fred LeFranc stresses "first, take care of yourself" in this

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A Discussion about Race & Restaurants

"How has your privilege benefitted you?" That's a question white people need to asking themselves

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Re-Opening: Meal Kits Come Into Their Own

Over the past several months, re-inventing a restaurant into a curbside pickup/delivery operation has been

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Re-opening observations: Customers & Employees

RTS Partner Len Ghilani recently wrote Covid-19 safety protocols for a client who owns a

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