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Explainer: How the CARES Act Benefits Your Restaurant

The $2 trillion federal stimulus package dubbed the CARES Act provides near immediate benefits to

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[VIDEO] Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc Leads COVID-19 Restaurant Roundtable

RTS Founder and Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc recently led a roundtable discussion that ranged widely.

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From Restaurant to Grocerant, Survival Strategy (Part 2)

RTS Culinary Consultant Becky Foulk watched our recent grocerant video and wanted to add a

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Restaurants to Grocerants: A Survival Strategy [VIDEO]

To survive the impact of dwindling revenue, we're suggesting restaurant operators think like grocers, offering

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Financial Strategies for Restaurants with Empty Dining Rooms [VIDEO]

Cash is king in the restaurant business. Today, there is precious little of it without

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Delivery & Takeout: Turning on the Sales Spigot [VIDEO]

With dining rooms off-limits to customers, restaurants are now clawing for takeout and delivery sales.

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Sales Tank, Rents Loom: Here’s Help [VIDEO]

Efforts to control the spread of the novel coronavirus have bludgeoned restaurants. In the past

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Large Restaurant Chain

Boosting Sales: Takeout & Delivery Ideas that Work [VIDEO]

Your restaurant can survive the fallout from COVID-19. And we will help show you how.

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COVID-19 Crisis: Make Sure Your Restaurant Has Online Ordering

If you use Toast (the popular point-of-sale system) and have NOT yet initiated online ordering,

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Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc on COVID-19’s Impact on Restaurants

RTS Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc addresses the impact of the novel coronavirus on restaurants. In

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How to Keep Customers Coming Amid COVID-19

It's no secret your restaurant's customers are scared of getting sick. Restaurant operators are, too,

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Don’t Stigmatize Chinese Restaurants

For at least the past two weeks, owners of Chinese restaurants have been telling reporters

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Payment Tech: Dining-and-Dashing (Legally)

Payment technology (the technology surrounding a customer’s payment experience) is only adopted and used when

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Get ready ’cause here they come

By“they,” we mean Gen Z — the next contingent of customers to bedevil restaurant operators

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Site Unseen: Visually Impaired Customers

Set aside pesky third-party deliver issues and labor problems for a minute — and instead

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