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Re-opening observations: Customers & Employees

RTS Partner Len Ghilani recently wrote Covid-19 safety protocols for a client who owns a

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Before You Re-Open Your Restaurant, Read This

A note to restaurant operators from Results Thru Strategy Founder Fred LeFranc: Today, the majority

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Order Out of Disorder: Here’s how

Chaos Strategist and guest speaker Fred LeFranc offers helpful advice to business leaders during a

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Drive-Thrus: Best off-premise solution so far

Yesterday, Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc spoke with Cowen Analyst Andrew Charles about the COVID-19 pandemic

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Great ideas: Why marketing really matters

Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc interviews veteran restaurant marketing executives about the actions their companies are

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Explainer: Shifting from Restaurant to Grocerant, Part 3 [VIDEO]

Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc is joined by Florida operators and vendors to discuss how restaurants

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Mental Strength: Making order out of disorder

If you've not yet heard Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc talk about leadership in a time

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Large Restaurant Chain

Explainer: Ways to handle Fear during the Pandemic

Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc interviews author Melissa Hughes, Ph.D., about the nature of fear and

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How to Deal with Leases, Part 2

Receiving a Default Notice from a landlord can create a host of problems for franchisees

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Employee Engagement: An app to keep your team connected

Believe or not, ShiftOne is giving away an app that allows restaurant owners, managers and

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Explainer: Franchise Documentation & Communication

Now more than ever, franchisors must carefully document and communicate their actions to franchisees. Franchise

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Explainer: How the CARES Act Benefits Your Restaurant

The $2 trillion federal stimulus package dubbed the CARES Act provides near immediate benefits to

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[VIDEO] Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc Leads COVID-19 Restaurant Roundtable

RTS Founder and Chaos Strategist Fred LeFranc recently led a roundtable discussion that ranged widely.

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From Restaurant to Grocerant, Survival Strategy (Part 2)

RTS Culinary Consultant Becky Foulk watched our recent grocerant video and wanted to add a

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Restaurants to Grocerants: A Survival Strategy [VIDEO]

To survive the impact of dwindling revenue, we're suggesting restaurant operators think like grocers, offering

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