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The Ever-Changing Role of POS: Will it exist in the future?


Join RTS founder, Fred LeFranc, Analytics Expert, Mike Lukianoff and POS Expert Amir Hudda - CEO of QU POS



Presented by Cohn Reznick

> Current Webinars

Technology & Automation in Restaurants

Restaurant Finance & Development

Calming the Chaos through Systems Intelligence

Culture & Communication:  Culture eats Strategy for Lunch – Peter Drucker

Social Revolution: Changing the Marketplace, Workplace and World

Talent Development -How Culture Drives Extraordinary Business Results

The US Food Delivery Market Value is $30 Billion-Do you Deliver?

Strategic Branding

Turn Around Strategies - The Hard Facts and the Cold Truth

Extending Your Brand Beyond Your Restaurant or Retail Store

Tips to Kick Your Employee Productivity & Guest Experience Back into Gear

Are you Ready to Grow Your Restaurant Business.

Talent Development: Best practices and technology to improve your team

Key Practices to Become a Franchisor Industry

Leader: Creating a Business Model that Bolsters your Brand's Growth

The Employee Journey:

Navigating Today's Technology Landscape

The Guest Journey:
Design the Dream. Inspire your Team

Break the Bottleneck:
Quickest Way to Grow Your Sales is to Break the Bottleneck

Breakthrough Brand Strategies:

The Evolution of Delivery

Hidden Influences on Employee Engagement

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