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Even the most knowledgeable business leaders are constantly looking for a competitive edge. But most discover that there’s no silver bullet. Because the real edge comes from understanding and prioritizing your company’s challenges, creating a strategy to meet them, and launching tactics to achieve your goals. It often takes an outside perspective. That’s why people call Results thru Strategy. That’s also why, –since our ROI is so consistent – they call us repeatedly.


Whether your brand is new, growing, stagnating, or in need of renewal, RTS will deliver a performance boost to move you in the right direction. We hope you’ll consider allowing us to assess your organization. Because knowing the right answers isn’t nearly as effective as asking the right questions.

We are a strategic consortium


RTS is a diverse group of entrepreneurial, executive-level hospitality industry experts working in teams on behalf of multi-unit restaurants, hotels, investment companies, manufacturers, retailers and technology companies. What gets us out of bed in the morning is the challenge of uncovering and unleashing the potential in our clients’ businesses. We solve specific challenges with a holistic viewpoint, creating powerful, sustainable business and brand transformations.

The first step is assessment


The initial function of RTS is the assessment of an

organization’s business dynamics, followed by the development of strategies and the implementation of tactics in order to maximize all aspects of the operation. RTS analyzes the status of your brand, the messages being delivered to your targets, the execution of your operations, the technology you use to implement your activities, the metrics that comprise the business model, and culture & leadership. We don’t operate at 30,000 feet. We work hand-in-hand with your leadership team, uncovering solutions designed to increase their effectiveness.

The next step is strategy


The results of a proper assessment enable RTS to devise a strategy. The strategy is a step-by-step roadmap to results, which may set the brand on a course of renewal, invention, repositioning, streamlining, expansion, franchising or a myriad of other possibilities. We exercise due diligence in customer research, competitive research and trend analysis. We utilize analytics, leadership development, and scenario simulation. The resultant strategy may call for tactics of creation, improvement, or growth–or a combination.

Creation tactics


During the creation process, RTS teams may be involved in brand or concept revitalization, development of new concepts, design & architecture, visual merchandising & signage, menu innovation & design, culinary development, communication strategies, or new franchise systems.

Improvement tactics


Strategies requiring improvement call for performance management, training, productivity or throughput assessment, supply chain optimization, information services, cash flow optimization, media effectiveness studies, franchise relations and union relations.

Growth tactics


Tactics for growth and expansion include executive coaching, marketing plans, regional competitive analyses, site selection, LSM concepts, revenue management, social media execution, menu renovation, franchise development, and research into trial creation and increasing traffic.

Results is in our name


RTS endeavors to make all of our strategies testable, actionable, quantifiable, realistic, structured, impactful and affordable. We generate the greatest possible lift with the least capital investment and disruption to the system. Our goal is threefold:


– To reinvent our clients’ guest experience so that they become highly relevant and in-demand;


– To realize the desired brand vision at the operating level; and


– To enable the brand to sustain growth and maintain share within its segment.


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